Tijarah Group

Together.. maintain ties of our kinship!


About Tijarah Group

  1. What is Tijarah Group?

    Tijarah is a group created on Muharram 1431 by the Al-Basher Clan who are based and and working in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Who are the Al-Basher Clan

    Al-Basher Clan is originated from the province of Tamparan in Lanao Del Sur, Philippines.

  3. What is the purpose of this group?

    The main purpose of this group is to uphold a business from the shared capital among the members of Tijarah Group.

  4. Why should I join this group?

    1. To urge family for brotherhood not only for business partnership but to continue Islamic Da'wa.

    2. To save money that we spend for extravagant.

    3. To increase our savings in providing a business.

    4. To employ ourselves in the future corporation.

    5. To profit our family, relatives, and friends in the future achievements.

    6. To encourage other businessmen for business quality management.

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